Program Goals

North Atlantic Montessori School's ultimate goal is to assist infant, toddler and preschool children in developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to have a love for learning and to become affective members of their community with respect for themselves, others and the environment.  These goals are based on Dr. Montessori's theories, environment and curriculum.  In order to achieve these goals we strive for the following:

  • Foster the belief and practice that allows the infant, toddler and preschool child to be intrinsically motivated to know more by letting him/her learn through his/her free choice.
  • Each infant, toddler and preschool child learns independence in their "working" and selects one task and another freely.
  • Whenever the infant, toddler and preschool child completes an activity, it is carried out to its necessary end, signified by the return of the material to its proper space completing the work cycle.
  • Fostering respect.  The infant, toddler and preschool child respects the "work" of others and does not interrupt their attempts to finish the work cycle.  Materials are returned to their proper spot in a manner showing respect of the environment as well as the child who will use them next.  The infant, toddler and preschool child is kind to him or herself and to others and works cooperatively in a group.
  • Fostering responsibility.  The infant, toddler and preschool child takes responsibility for his/her behavior with the materials.  If he/she has a spill, for example, she will independently remedy the problem.  The child also takes responsibility for his/her words or actions towards his/herself and others.  For example, he/she knows that it is his/her decision to be kind or hurtful and each choice brings certain consequences.