North Atlantic Montessori School is open all year round.  We are closed for the following holidays:

New Year's Day                            Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day                 Columbus Day

President's Day                            Veteran's Day

Patriot's Day                                Thanksgiving Day and the day after

Memorial Day                               Christmas Day

Independence Day

To have a well prepared school and curriculum planning, we are also closed for the following in-service days:

Friday before Memorial Day, Friday before Labor Day and Friday after Christmas Day

Daily Schedule for Preschool

7:30-8:45      Drop off/ Free Play

8:45-9:15      Morning Calendar/Group Time

9:15-10:15    Morning Work Cycle

10:15-10:45  Group Snack/Special Day Snack/Show and Tell

10:45-12:00  Prepare for Outside and Playground time

12:00-12:30  Half Day Dismissal/Lunch

12:30-1:00    Quiet Reading Time

1:00-3:00      Rest Time

3:00-3:30      Group Snack

3:30-4:00      Free Work Time/Foreign Language/Story Time

4:00-5:30      Playground time or Yoga, Art, Music and Movement

All of children in the preschool program will have a "special day" once a month.  On the special day the child brings a healthy snack from home to share with the other children, as well as a show and tell for circle time.  We are aware of children with food allergies and ask that parents list ingredients if the snack is home made.

More Good Things to Know

Parents provide snacks and lunch for their children.  We have microwaves for food that needs to be heated.  We provide cow's milk.  Parents also need to provide warm clothing for outside play in the winter, several full changes of clothes in case of accidents, sunscreen and bug repellent.  

Parents provide babies with breast milk or formula, diapers, wipes, several changes of clothes.  Our teachers also work with parents on potty training when the child is starting to show signs of wanting to use the potty. 

Babies are on a flexible schedule to meet their changing needs in regards to sleeping and eating.